Watch Planet Fitness’ first campaign from Publicis Groupe

Gym chain's star-studded 'Feel Fitacular' spot positions exercise as good for the mind and the body

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Jan 03, 2022

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For its New Year’s campaign, Planet Fitness is positioning itself as a solution for keeping both the mind and body fit.

The “Feel Fitacular” campaign is the first since Planet Fitness named Publicis Groupe agency of record in September, spawning a bespoke agency called Team Lift. For its first campaign, Team Lift partnered with Publicis New York and the holding company's Le Truc to create a lighthearted and star-filled response to the emotional impact two years of COVID anxiety and various states of isolation have taken. It's a notable evolution of Planet Fitness’s long-running “judgment free” slogan.

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"We couldn’t be prouder of the ‘Feel Fitacular’ campaign—not just because it’s an incredible representation of the creative partnership between Publicis New York, Le Truc and Planet Fitness via Team Lift, but because of the message it’s putting into the world in support of emotional well-being,” said Erica Roberts, chief creative officer of Publicis New York, in an email. “This country is in the midst of a mental health crisis and working out—even just a brisk walk on the treadmill—is a powerful way of combating stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Planet Fitness is making fitness (and the emotional benefits that come with it) accessible to everyone.”


The spot follows a fitness tour guide, played by “Blackish” actor Jeff Meacham, as he presents the psychological benefits of working out, with the help of familiar faces.

“I recently learned of a ship that can transport you to a land of pure happiness,” says Meacham at the beginning of the spot.

“What kind of a ship? Spaceship?” asks Captain Kirk originator William Shatner. The answer is (unfortunately after the prospect of a literal Planet Fitness) a gym membership.

This particular Planet Fitness is populated by celebrities—actress Jane Krakowski is extremely excited to be running on a treadmill, former basketballer Dennis Rodman rides an endorphin high and TikTok star @AngryReactionsGuy very aggressively declares that a Planet Fitness membership “lets you work out all your stress for $0 enrollment and $10 a month? That makes me so happy.”

“Since March 2020, the obesity rate in the U.S. has skyrocketed. On average, U.S. adults have gained 29 pounds. What’s even worse is the staggering mental and emotional toll the pandemic has taken on all of us—but exercise is one of the most powerful antidotes to our current health crisis,” said Jeremy Tucker, chief marketing officer of Planet Fitness, in an email.

“With that said, fitness can be really intimidating, especially for those just getting started. As a brand, Planet Fitness’ mission is to inspire the 80% of Americans who don’t currently belong to a gym to get off the couch and prioritize their physical and mental health. This new work features an unexpected mix of celebrity cameos (that speak to our wide consumer base, from boomers all the way to Gen Z), to help break through and bring the many health benefits of fitness to life for everyone."

The commercial, he said, “spotlights Planet Fitness’ affordable, judgement-free environment and focuses on the lighter, brighter, feel-good feeling you get after a great workout, and that post-workout high, in a fun, memorable and light-hearted way.”


Jan 03, 2022
Client :
Planet Fitness
Agency :
Team Lift
Agency :
Publicis-New York
Agency :
Le Truc
Production Company :
Biscuit Filmworks
Director :
Andreas Nilsson
EP/Owner :
Shawn Lacy Tessaro
EP :
Holly Vega
Line Producer :
Jay Veal
Edit Company :
Arcade Edit
Editor :
Dave Anderson
Edit Company :
Harbor Picture Company
Editor :
Sean McGrath
Editor :
Steve Evans
Producer :
Mia Lalanne
Finishing and mix :
Harbor Picture Company
Carla Serrano
Erica Roberts
Andy Bird
Grant Mason
CD :
Alan Wilson
CD :
Peter Defries
CD Design :
Ian McCallister
HoP :
Tim LeGallo
EP/Post :
Daniel Roversi
Sr Producer :
Danielle Hallack
Head of BA :
Robin Oksenhendler
BA Manager :
Yaritza Acevedo
Alex Mailman
AD :
Micardo Celicourt
Chief Marketing Officer :
Jeremy Tucker
VP of National Marketing :
Jamie Medeiros
Director Brand Marketing :
Carrie Anderson
Sr. Manager Creative Mktg & Strategy Marketing :
Lindsay Pour

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