Josh Duhamel Stars in a Conspiracy Theory Thriller About Taco Bell's Nacho Fries

Trailer for 'Web of Fries' Sees Him Pursued by Creepy 'Burger People'

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Jan 19, 2018

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What would "the burger people" do if Taco Bell sold fries? That's the premise behind a new "trailer" for a conspiracy-theory-style thriller, promoting the chain's new Nacho Fries.

Created by Deutsch, the trailer is for a (fake, of course) film called "Web of Fries." It stars Josh Duhamel as a man who sets out to uncover he mysterious reasons why Taco Bell doesn't sell fries, in response to an innocent question from his daughter. Soon, he finds himself followed by creepy clowns, sabotaged by ketchup stains and finding his marriage falling apart as he becomes obsessed with bringing the Mexican-style Taco Bell fries to the nation.

Director Joseph Kosinski at Reset has great fun inserting as many thriller cliches as possible, as well as making the Nacho Fries (which launch Jan. 25, for $1) look delicious.