So, This is What a Fairytale Wedding Looks Like

Deutsch New York Imagines a Five-Year-Old's Grown-Up Dream Ceremony for PNC Bank

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Mar 26, 2015

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A bride rides into church on a unicorn, walking down a Disney-fied aisle, full of blooming animated flowers. Hummingbirds lift up her train as a a fresh-faced boy band sings the wedding march and ballerinas twirl about. Attendees such as life-sized teddy bear and guests donning eccentric hats and flower costumes tear up as she glides towards her waiting groom. Her father's face fills with emotion witnessing the spectacular event.

The over-the-top scenario instantly becomes poignant when the spot cuts to the father, looking on at his daughter, this time, as a young girl reading a fairytale in her bedroom, filled with little details that were reflected in the ceremony. It's now that a voiceover reminds the father that he can save up to make his daughter's dreams come true. It's not your standard bank commercial, for PNC, created out of Deutsch New York and directed by Interrogate's Albert Kodagolian with visual effect by the Mill.