Leave your computer alone, says WeTransfer's brand film

File transfer service is encouraging us to connect with the real world again

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May 09, 2019

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WeTransfer may be a digital technology brand, but in its latest campaign, it's encouraging people to reconnect with the real world.

Its new brand film, taglined "Please Leave," revolves around the premise that its speedy file transfer service frees you up to leave your devices alone and get back to real life and creativity.

Created via Stink Studios, the spot features a spoken word poem by the feminist author Roxane Gay. It starts by depicting a woman at her laptop dreaming about the "other world" in which she's outside in nature and getting creative with a camera, paints and so forth. These activities then inspire her to create the digital content that she sends via WeTransfer—freeing her up to shut down her computer and re-engage with screen-free life once again. 

“We are in the midst of a global transformation of how people relate to their work and their creative projects,” said Damian Bradfield, CMO and President of WeTransfer, in a statement. “Trials, interruptions, ads and data-mining have made our digital tools more of a burden than a solution. The more time people spend in a tech ecosystem, the less time they spend out in the world, getting inspiration and building things. The underlying poem behind our campaign says it well: ‘when you’re here, you’re not there’ – and that comes at the price of creativity, relationships and real meaning. Get out of your tech and make things happen.”

The campaign is running on Hulu and other channels, and the brand worked with media agency Noble People on the campaign, which includes a tie-up with "Wired."