Who Gives a Crap : Who Gives a Crap Intro

He won't get off the toilet for less than $50,000.

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Jul 10, 2012

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Australian entrepreneur Simon Griffiths is taking a novel approach to raising capital for his project - he's letting the world watch him on the toilet. Griffiths has developed Who Gives A Crap?, a brand of environmentally-friendly toilet paper that will donate 50% of its profits to cleaner sanitation in the developing world. To encourage investment on crowdfunding website IndieGoGo, Griffiths is sitting on a toilet on a live webcam, at campaign website whogivesacrap.org and not moving (except to go to the toilet for real) till he gets his first $50,000. Who Gives A Crap? supporters on IndieGoGo get to pre-order the product as well as receiving additional rewards. You can also tweet Griffiths - who's currently ensconced with his laptop and has $5k to go - an action he has to perform live if you donate $50.