This campaign is using 'Fortnite' to highlight the plight of the planet

WWF challenges French gamers to proceed without using natural resources

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Apr 10, 2019

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WWF is taking advantage of the craze for "Fortnite" to highlight the environmental plight of our planet in a new campaign targeting French gamers. 

Devised by We Are Social, the No Build Challenge campaign invites players to proceed through the game without exploiting any of the usual natural resources like wood, stone or metal, which allow them to survive and increase their skills. They are then encouraged to share their efforts with other "Fortnite" players using the #NoBuildChallenge hashtag and logo. 

It was officially launched last Friday, April 5, by Solary, the French pro-gamers team, with a live stream on their Twitch channel, and the first live session drew 7,000 gamers in two hours.  Live games and recorded content will be broadcast around the campaign, which runs until Earth Day on April 22.

“The gamer community is mostly young, and they are going to be the inheritors of our planet--a planet whose resources are running out faster every year," says Sandrine Plasseraud, president of We Are Social France. "Gamers are already using their networks to convey positive messages. The idea of ​​the #NoBuildChallenge is to capitalize on this community which is already very committed to meeting our new environmental challenges.”



Apr 10, 2019
Client :
WWF France
Agency :
We are Social - France
Founder and CEO :
Sandrine Plasseraud
Deputy General Manager :
Ludovic Chevallier
Executive Creative Director :
Thomas Guilhot
Creative Director :
Nicolas Dumenil
Creative Strategist :
Fabien Gaëtan
Artistic Director :
Lucas Brigaud
Senior Consultant :
Corentin Picaut
Junior Consultant :
Laure de Gimel
Social Amplification Manager :
Boris Leguen
Influence Director :
Marine Montironi
Influence Consultant :
Fanny Bonodot
Motion Designer :
Marius Saltet
Social Intelligence Director :
Eve de Sutter
Junior Consultant :
Jordan Blondel
Consultant Assistant :
Axel Beaussart
Communications Director :
Jacques-Olivier Barthes
Digital and Video Communication Manager :
Michael Neveu
Digital Communication Executive :
Charlie Gervais

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