Play Xbox using these 'Sonic the Hedgehog' fur babies

Custom controller and console set are available in promotion to mark 'Sonic' movie sequel

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Mar 23, 2022

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Have you ever been doing some serious gaming and wished that you could hold the speedy blue hedgehog on your screen in your hands? That unique dream is now reality in a new collaboration between Paramount Pictures’ “Sonic the Hedgehog” sequel, in theaters April 8, and Xbox.

Inspired by the titular character and new nemesis Knuckles, the limited-edition controllers operate just like normal Xbox controls, but beneath a thick layer of blue or red fur. Information from Xbox explains that the hairy devices are textured to imitate the bristly coat of a real life hedgehog. No confirmation on whether Cruella de Vil has been hired on Xbox’s idea team.

Sonic Console bundle

The controllers are accompanied by a custom, black console featuring a shiny gold portal ring and the image of a Sonic and Knuckles glaring confrontation. The set is available through two separate sweepstakes, either by retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes tweet using the hashtag “#XboxSonic2Sweepstakes” or by redeeming Microsoft Rewards points online.

The partnership also features an update to the “Sonic the Hedgehog” world in Minecraft, originally released last June. On April 5, new challenges, skins and a new zone will be added to the downloadable Minecraft expansion in celebration of the film’s release.

Sonic x Minecraft