Xbox made a real Series X mini-fridge in response to memes

Microsoft agrees with fans who compared the gaming console's design to a refrigerator

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Jun 15, 2021

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When Xbox unveiled the design for the Xbox Series X in 2019, the gaming console’s sleek, geometric design stirred up a flurry of memes comparing it to a brick, Spongebob Squarepants and a number of household appliances—notably, a refrigerator.

Now, Xbox is joining in on the fun. Last weekend, the Microsoft brand announced a mini-fridge styled to look exactly like its much-mocked console after winning Twitter's inaugural "#BestOfTweets Brands Bracket."

In the video announcement, epic music plays over sweeping, sci-fi animation lifted from the original Xbox Series X unveiling video—the source of the meme. Playful text acknowledges the history-making appliance that “leaves others cold” before revealing the matte black mini-fridge, lined on the inside with Xbox’s signature lime green. Copy announces the launch date: "Holiday 2021." (No details on how much it will cost.)

Fans have reacted with delight, noting their only complaint being the wait until this year’s gift-giving season.

The new video has over 2 million views on YouTube, 1.2 million views and 400k likes on Instagram and has become the brand’s most engaged Tweet to date, racking up over 514k engagements and 298k shares. Xbox worked with Ayzenberg Group, its social agency of record and longtime creative partner on the push. 

This isn’t the first time Xbox has capitalized on the Series X meme. An ad from March 2020 compares the console’s dimensions to those of an average refrigerator and last October, Xbox created a video for a full-sized Xbox Series X refrigerator that wasn’t available for purchase.