Yeti invites you to plan your year ahead in the outdoors with 'Year in Preview' campaign

Rather than a traditional 'year in review' initiative, the brand is encouraging consumers to look ahead to 2023

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Dec 01, 2022
2023 Calendar pictured with mountain shoer at summit of mountain

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The onslaught of “year in review” initiatives has become increasingly popular in the final weeks of any given year, with campaigns like “Spotify Wrapped” and “YouTube Rewind” designed to let consumers reflect on trends and key moments from the past several months. 

This year, however, drinkware brand Yeti is flipping that concept on its head, instead offering outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to begin looking forward and scheduling activities for the upcoming year with its “Year in Preview” campaign. 

Starting today, consumers can visit Yeti’s website to take a short quiz that asks them to choose their interests from a list of outdoor activities, including rock climbing, snowboarding and barbecuing, among several others. These participants then receive a calendar of 2023 events that align with their chosen interests—their “year in preview”—which they can pick and choose from before importing into a calendar app. 

“When you start a year, you’re full of hope, like, ‘This is the year I learn how to snowboard,’ or, ‘This year, I’m definitely going to go to the World Surf League,” said Paulie Dery, Yeti’s chief marketing officer.  “But you forget about it, and [your hopes] fall away. The calendar is a nice way to keep those on your mind.” 

Along with this calendar, consumers can generate a short custom video featuring the activities they selected to share on social media. The brand’s in-house marketing team produced over 630 variations of these videos—one for each of the possible combinations of interests participants can select from, Dery said.

Rather than crafting a social media campaign to market the “Year in Preview” initiative, these videos themselves are intended to act as promotional material and encourage people to tell their family, friends or teammates about upcoming outdoor events they’re excited about, he added. 



Yeti’s “Year in Preview” initiative ties into its larger “Use Your Gifts” holiday campaign, which positions its products as gifts that will be used throughout the upcoming year rather than being used once or not at all, Dery said. Giving consumers a calendar of events tied to their interests supports that holiday messaging by providing these consumers dozens of actionable opportunities to use Yeti’s coolers, water bottles and other products in 2023, he said. 

For the campaign, Yeti curated a list of about 135 global events taking place in the year ahead, with many of them sourced from the brand’s partner organizations. The events also cover a range of experience levels, so beginners in an outdoor activity shouldn’t be “scared off that this is going to be too hardcore,” Dery joked. 

With these possible events laid out ahead of consumers, the campaign encourages them to “plan [their] wildest year yet”—but that tagline means more than just venturing outdoors, he said. 

“‘The wild’ is obviously a physical space: the outdoors. But ‘the wild’ is also just testing yourself and pushing yourself into places that you might not have been comfortable with,” Dery said. “Creating a calendar that lets you push yourself and set goals—we think it’s a great way to show that [2023] is going to be a wild year.”