Yeti debuted a streaming channel of streams for those longing for the outdoors

For Earth Day, the cooler company's Yeti+ takes you to the outdoors of Oregon, California, Hawaii and more

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Apr 22, 2020

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With many of us now cooped up at home, it’s difficult to properly celebrate Earth Day as we should be—by embracing Mother Nature. But cooler company Yeti is hoping to alleviate a bit of our longing for the outdoors—by bringing it indoors.

Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Disney and Amazon, Yeti has debuted its own streaming platform YETI+, which happens to be dedicated exclusively to, well, streams. There, the company is providing simple videos of waterways from states all over the country, including Oregon, California, Hawaii and Texas.

YETI created all the films while its staffers were working from home and tapped photographers and videographers around the U.S. to go solo into nature to capture all the original footage. 

“Our hope is that it will virtually transport people to the wild until they are able to be there again in person,” says Pauli Deri, YETI’s VP of creative and brand. The intention is for YETI+ to be available for a very limited time. “We’ve merely scratched the surface of the streams we can stream but hope circumstances will change such that we won’t need to go deeper.”