Financial app Yolt blames your 'lizard brain' for your bad financial decisions

Launch work from Uncommon humorously highlights why you make poor money moves

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Feb 24, 2021

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It's not totally unheard of for a reptile to front a campaign about financial decisions—remember the Geico Gecko? But a new U.K. campaign for startup financial app Yolt takes the idea in a new direction: it's centered all around the idea of your "lizard brain."

This, according to the campaign, is an evolutionary throwback responsible for your most impulsive and financially dubious decisions. The "lizard brain" loves to spend rather than save, according to several long copy ads, running on social and out-of-home platforms, as well as a TV ad featuring an animated dancing lizard. 

The work is by Uncommon, whose co-founder Lucy Jameson said in a statement: "Yolt is all about giving everyone the power to be smarter with your money. Our strategy explored the ways we can take control of our money, with a playful take on the science behind why we spend the way we do at the moment."

Animation studio Private Island and director Chris Boyle helped to create the spot's psychedelic world.

Yolt print ad

Yolt print ad


Feb 24, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Uncommon Creative Studio
Production Company :
Private Island
Director :
Chris Boyle
Producer :
Helen Power
Soundtrack Composer :
Pablo Nouvelle
Music Supervision :
Sound Design :
Media Agency :
Craft Media
Media Buyer :

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