Sean Bean delivers 'Game of Thrones'-style drama to uphold the legacy of Yorkshire Tea

Actor gives a Stark-inspired soliloquy in spot by Lucky Generals

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Jul 01, 2019

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"Game of Thrones" and "Lord of the Rings" actor Sean Bean is no stranger to the epic monologue. In a new ad for Yorkshire Tea, created by Lucky Generals, he brings that style to the world of company induction days.

In the spot, Bean plays a typical office manager leading training for a new crew. He steps into the meeting room, boldly unsheaths his presentation pointer and urges Yorkshire Tea's new staffers to "go out there and do it for Yorkshire," reminding them of the "great legacy" they need to uphold. He finishes by coming back down to earth to inform them "the fire drill's Thursday at three."

Another ad in the series, directed by Moxie Pictures' Martin Granger, sees magician Dynamo levitating in a warehouse to reach some tea. 

The campaign follows a trend that's seen down-to-earth British brands using Hollywood stars to inject a little comedic juxtaposition into their advertising; bakery brand Warburtons has recently released an ad starring Robert de Niro playing a mafioso bagel boss.