Zendaya sells seashells in Squarespace's Super Bowl commercial

Spot directed by Edgar Wright also features a guest appearance by hip-hop legend André 3000

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Feb 09, 2022

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Squarespace's star-studded Super Bowl spot will feature singer Zendaya as "Sally," the spirited saleswoman and tongue-twister extraordinaire who’s best known for selling seashells by the seashore.

The alliterative 30-second commercial reimagines the classic schoolyard chant “Sally Sells Seashells,” with the titular entrepreneur getting a much-needed sales boost after opening an online store using Squarespace’s suite of web design tools. It’s narrated by André Benjamin—better known as André 3000, one half of the famous hip-hop duo Outkast. Benjamin also makes a brief cameo on screen at the end of the spot.

The Super Bowl campaign is the first to be developed by the company's Los Angeles-based in-house creative team, which the website design company established last year. It was directed by filmmaker Edgar Wright, who has also directed his fair share of Hollywood films including “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and “Baby Driver.”

“Each and every year, the Super Bowl is the one singular opportunity where we get to showcase our story and creativity to hundreds of millions of people in one silver bullet,” said David Lee, the company’s chief creative officer. Sunday’s new spot with Zendaya will mark the eighth Super Bowl appearance for Squarespace, which has appeared in the game almost every year since 2014.

“We’re a brand that tries to do something different each year,” Lee said.

Titled “Everything to Shell Anything” in a riff on the company’s latest “Everything to Sell Anything” brand campaign, the commercial follows a few fairly consistent themes evident in Squarespace’s Big Game ads: it banks on celebrity appearances, it embraces what’s come to be known as “hustle culture,” and it was created in-house—albeit being the first out of its new L.A. office.

Last year’s commercial, which was also done in-house, featured a “5 to 9” remake of Dolly Parton’s hit song “9 to 5,” which threw the spotlight on consumers who use Squarespace to promote their side hustles. to showcase the creative work of those who promote their side hustles on Squarespace websites.

The year before that, its in-house team crafted an ad showing Winona Ryder creating a “Welcome to Winona” website on the side of the road outside Winona, Minnesota.