This Peruvian Campaign Slowed Down YouTube Videos to Highlight the Drink Drive Limit

YouTube Banner Invited People to Change Playback Speed to 0.5

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May 26, 2017

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An anti drink-drive campaign from Peru's Pacifico Insurance aimed to drum the country's blood-alcohol limit into the national consciousness by slowing down the playback speed on YouTube videos.

Peru has the world's third highest rate of road accidents due to drunk driving and, according to the World Health Organization, is the third highest in the region for alcohol consumption.

To highlight the drink-drive limit -- 0.5 grams per liter -- Pacifico's campaign created a YouTube banner that invited people to slow playback speed down to 0.5 on the most popular videos. Celebrities in the videos then appeared to be speaking like someone who had been drinking. It also invited people via social media to create their own videos hashtagged with #ZeroPointFiveEffect.

According to creative agency Trival 121 Lima, the campaign, which ran in 2016, has achieved more than 27 million impressions and reached over 70% of Peru's population.


May 26, 2017
Brand :
Pacifico Insurance
Client :
Pacifico Insurance
Agency :
Tribal 121
Creative Director :
Lucas Bargen
Head of Art :
Tomas Perrin
Account Supervisor :
Diana Paz
Creative Team :
Italo Fierro
Creative Team :
Rodrigo Santana
Creative Team :
Eduardo Delgado
Creative Team :
Sharuko Arias
Creative Team :
Ricky Carmona
Creative Team :
Jesus Carhuapuma
Business Affairs Director :
Benjamin Edwards
Chief Creative Officer :
Gonzalo Calmet

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