Burger King Will Bring Your Whopper Back From the Dead for Halloween (Provided You Have a Receipt)

'Zombie Whopper' Stunt by Buzzman Is Chain's Latest Spooky Promotion Around the World

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Oct 27, 2017

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Burger King is on a roll this Halloween (if you excuse the pun). In the U.S., it's giving out free whoppers if you dress as a scary clown (in a stunt that follows its trolling of McDonald's in Germany around the new "It" movie.) Meanwhile, in France, it's also giving out free Whoppers, in a stunt by Buzzman called "Zombie Whopper."

The idea is that you have proof of previous purchase of a Whopper, you can go to Burger King on Oct. 31 and bring it back from the dead (ie. get another one, but this time in zombie-themed packaging). There's a spooky little film, seen here, flagging the promotion. Now, time to find out just how many BK customers actually keep their receipts ...