A Celebration of AANHPI Creative Excellence

For AANHPI Month, creative innovators share key moments in their careers

Creative by Adobe. Published on May 6, 2024

For Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Ad Age is once again shining a light on the creative accomplishments of AANHPI talents across the marketing industry and beyond. Throughout the month, we’re showcasing milestones in the careers of AANHPI creatives—campaigns, projects and ideas that each contributor is proud of. Four guest editors will kick off each week with a personal essay and then hand the spotlight to others they’ve invited to contribute to this package. We’re honored to be sharing all of their stories, and we’re delighted you’re joining us in this celebration of AANHPI creative excellence.

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Amazon’s Francois Lee on fitting in by not fitting in

Francois Lee

Senior manager, streaming TV upfront and U.S. agency development, Amazon

GroupM’s JiYoung Kim’s 3 lessons for career growth and perseverance

JiYoung Kim

Chief operating officer, Group M North America

Effectv’s Dawn Lee Williamson on the power of cultural storytelling

Dawn Lee Williamson

Head of sales development, Effectv

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