Marketers of the Year 2019

The top-performing marketers of 2019 didn’t just buck conventional wisdom—they shattered it

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The top marketers of 2019 had no use for the tried-and-true. Procter & Gamble, Target and Disney proved that giant companies can still capture buzz, and grow sales, in an age where startups are getting all the love.

Another aging brand, Barbie, reinvented itself for modern shoppers. Popeyes showed that something as basic as a chicken sandwich can break through.

Hard seltzers are only for women? Not so, proved White Claw, which became the bro drink of the summer.

Greta Thunberg defied convention by showing that a teenager—not a scientist or deep-pocketed corporation—can rally the world to care about climate change.

Ally Financial and Microsoft effectively used human emotion to win in two categories, banking and software, known more for rational marketing.

And the stars of women’s soccer showed that the sport can score with the American public even after the glare of the World Cup fades.

Read how these 10 brands and companies, which comprise Ad Age’s 2019 Marketers of the Year list, climbed their way to the top.

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