Virgin Trains Targets U.K. Travelers With Punky 10-Second Ads

Campaign by Anomaly Emphasizes the 'Virgin' Tone of Voice

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Jan 23, 2018

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The U.K.'s Virgin Trains is a brand often beset by complaints. A recent report found Virgin Trains East Coast had the highest proportion of significant rail delays in 2016-17, for example, and like many U.K. train companies, it's often the object of customer fury rather than brand love.

Now the company is embarking on a branding exercise aimed at winning customers over. It includes cheeky 10-second ads by Anomaly London, seen here, that are designed to stand out by emphasizing the Virgin brand's disruptive tone of voice.

According to Anomaly, the campaign has been designed to "make the train operator feel 'Virgin' through and through," actively rejecting traditional train company body language and advertising. Instead, it opts for a disruptive look and feel and colloquial tone. The look and tone of voice draws from Virgin's punk origins and was inspired by graffiti artist Jamie Reid.

The full campaign will run nationally across TV, cinema, video, radio, outdoor and digital.