Sandra Oh is the quintessential Canadian in this instructional airline spot

Air Canada wants Americans to learn better travel habits from their neighbor to the north

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Oct 08, 2019

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Canadians have a reputation for irrepressible politeness, even when they should get angry. But that calm demeanor is an asset during air travel, when tempers flare and even the kindest Americans get prickly about personal space.

In an unsurprisingly friendly campaign from Air Canada, actress Sandra Oh of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Killing Eve” demonstrates how anyone can travel like a Canadian. Oh, who was born in Ottawa, drops references to quintessentially Canadian fare like ketchup chips, bagged milk and profuse apologies. Gliding her way through a busy airport, she calms young children with a bucket of poutine conveniently carried in her purse.

She introduces a Japanese businessman to the Caesar (Canada’s version of a Bloody Mary), makes announcements in French and even prods a bolo tie-wearing American to apologize for making an honest mistake.

The 90-second spit from FCB Canada is directed by Adam Reid via Holiday Films. It is running on digital channels in the U.S., focusing in California and New York.


Oct 08, 2019
Client :
Air Canada
Agency :
Managing Director Brand :
Andrew Shibata
Director Brand Strategy and Content Marketing :
John Xydous
Manager Product Marketing Content :
Pascale St-Amand
Content Marketing Specialist :
Daryna Mednyk
Manager Brand Content Marketing :
Annie Couture
Chief Creative Officer :
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Chief Creative Officer :
Jeff Hilts
Group Creative Director :
Andrew MacPhee
Group Account Director :
Ravi Singh
Account Director :
Olivier Barreau
Account Executive :
Marlène Boutin-Masse
Broadcast Producer :
Tess Waisglass
Director of Planning :
Marie-Nathalie Poirier
Production Company :
Holiday Films
Director :
Adam Reid
Executive Producer :
Amalie Bruun
Director of Photography :
Doug Koch
Editing House :
Editor :
Aaron Dark
Executive Producer :
Michelle Rich
Online facility / Color transfer :
Alter Ego
Colorist :
Eric Whipp
Flame Artist :
David Whiteson
Producer :
Jane Garrah
Music House :
Apollo Studios
Engineer :
Ethan Myers
Executive Creative Director :
Daenen Bramberger
Executive Producer :
Tom Hutch
Group Creative Director :
Jeremiah McNama
Agency :

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