Apple celebrates Star Wars Day with Mandalorian spot directed by Kim Gehrig

Some 172 Star Wars fans appear in the three-minute film, which promotes iPhone’s ‘Precision Finding’ feature

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May 04, 2024

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It’s a particularly happy Star Wars Day for diehard fans today, as Apple has swooped in with the most elaborate Star Wars-themed ad we’ve seen in a while.

“Find My Friends,” a three-minute film made in-house and directed by Kim Gehrig, follows a Mandalorian costumer (played by Owen Jardiniano, a real-life fan) as he looks to meet up with friends at a local Star Wars convention. There are loads Easter eggs along the way (e.g., “The first transport is away!” reads the sign at the bus stop), and the iPhone feature being promoted here—Precision Finding—would sure come in handy at a con.

Some 172 fans were involved with the production—the largest number ever for a project sanctioned by Lucasfilm. “The biggest thing was that we approached this film as a love letter to Star Wars fans. We made it with and for them,” Tor Myhren, VP of marketing communications at Apple, told Ad Age.

Apple worked with Skywalker Ranch on all the sound design. The music track is “All My Friends” by Channel Tres, which even changed a lyric in the song, from “5:02” to “5:01”—a reference fan group 501st Legion. “For this long-form piece, we wanted it to live somewhere between a music video, an ad and a killer product demo,” said Myhren.

Apple worked with Gehrig previously on the lauded 2022 accessibility film “The Greatest.” “Kim is a genius director,” said Myhren. “She brings so much to every shoot, and above all she brings a levity and charm that is often missing in big, cinematic spots like this.” 

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