Apple makes a splash at CES without partaking in CES

Brand put up a giant billboard digging on privacy concerns of its competitors

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Jan 08, 2019

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We’re not even into a full day at CES and Apple has already made a big splash--without even partaking in the annual tech gathering.

The company has rented out a massive space on the side of a Las Vegas hotel for a giant billboard that plays off the city’s famous tagline:

“What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone," it reads.

It’s an obvious dig at its competitors like Google, Amazon and Facebook, all of which have been plagued by privacy missteps in recent months. (Google and Amazon are both making major announcements in Vegas this year.)

It's also a fun twist on the “What happens here, stays here” tagline created out of R&R Partners for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority that’s now become a part of pop culture.

The bottom of the billboard directs passersby to Apple's privacy info site, where the brand asserts “we believe privacy is a fundamental human right” and then details the various ways it goes about protecting user data.