A shy young woman hides her creativity in Apple's animated holiday film

Film features an original soundtrack by teenage songwriter Billie Eilish

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Nov 20, 2018

Editor's Pick

Apple's holiday film this year is a delicate tale of a shy young woman who hides her creativity from the world.

The film, gorgeously animated by Buck Productions and featuring handmade sets, opens on the woman and her dog in her apartment in a snowy town, where she's creating something behind the screen of her Macbook. But she seems frustrated with her work, and after printing it out she files it away in a box. As we see her go about her life, there are more indicators of her inner artist bursting to get out; she draws faces in the dough in her job at a bakery and sketches with her finger on the steamed up window of a bus. But every time she thinks someone is looking, she hides away.

Eventually, her dog takes matters into his own hands, making sure her work flies out of the window in the wind so that the townspeople all get to see it. (What's slightly frustrating for us, the viewer, is that we never find out what exactly these masterpieces are--but maybe that's what'll make you remember it.)

The tagline for the ad is "Share Your Gifts," pushing the message that Apple's technology gives you the means to get out there and start creating. Fittingly the music, a soulful, low-key track titled "Come Out and Play," was composed by up and coming 16 year old songwriter Billie Eilish, who apparently worked on its creation using her Mac and Logic Pro X.