Apple’s first iPad ad since ‘Crush’ shows off the work of human animators

Natalie Labarre, Jay & Jin and Eric Lane were all tasked with animating green-screen footage of Sofia Wylie dancing

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May 30, 2024

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Apple puts human creators front and center in its first iPad ad since the disastrous “Crush” spot earlier this month, which drew a rare apology from the tech giant.

A new minute-long spot features actress Sofia Wylie running, jumping and dancing in a triptych of animated worlds. Wylie recorded her footage on a green screen, and three Hornet animators—Natalie Labarre, Jay & Jin and Eric Lane—then created animated scenes to match, using the iPad Pro and the new Apple Pencil Pro.

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The live action director on the spot was Bennett Johnson, also of Hornet.

The piece was surely developed before the “Crush” saga, but still serves as an example—to quote from Apple’s apology for its earlier spot—of the “ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad.”

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