Apple’s new privacy ad has Jane Lynch gleefully reveal patients’ health problems

Craig Gillespie directed the fast-paced, comic spot, which emphasizes the security on the Health app and HealthKit

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May 24, 2023
A woman and a man looking confused in a doctor's waiting room

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Privacy of health data is no laughing matter, but Apple has some fun with it anyway in an entertaining, rapid-fire commercial that sees Jane Lynch play an omniscient and rather masochistic narrator—revealing the health woes, one by one, of a group of people waiting in a doctor’s office.

“The man with the troublesome hemorrhoid enters the room,” Lynch begins mischievously, as we get a shot of a man from behind walking into the office. Very quickly, we know we’re in for a fun ride.


Over the course of the next minute-plus, we get to hear all about the various health woes of those assembled—elevated heart rates, chronic night sweats, rashes, hailtosis, bunions, lice. We even learn whose period is on the way, and who doesn’t exercise as much as they should.

It’s a tightly orchestrated little scene, expertly stitched together by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and director Craig Gillespie. The malevolent narrator gives it a fresh feel and a tension that the brand itself gets to heroically cut at the end—with an iPhone-wielding patient and a message about privacy protections on Apple’s Health app and HealthKit.

The campaign will run across broadcast, social and billboards in 24 regions around the world this summer. A white paper is also being published today on (PDF link) educating iPhone and Apple Watch users on how to control their health data on the  iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple has made privacy a key pillar of its consumer promise in recent years, often to the dismay of the internet ad industry, which relies on user data for ad targeting and measurement. Last year’s big privacy spot from Apple and TBWA\MAL imagined a high-stakes bidding war on your personal info.