Australian telco Telstra made 26 brilliant stop-motion animal testimonials set in far-flung locales

Bear Meets Eagle On Fire worked with director Jeff Low and ‘Isle of Dogs’ animation director Tobias Fouracre on the charming 15-second pieces

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Jun 06, 2024

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Telco companies are notoriously bad at creatively communicating the size and quality of their network. Here’s an exception: a charming and wonderfully crafted campaign from Australian telco Telstra featuring stop-motion animated animals speaking to camera from far-flung places across the country about how great the Telstra network is there.

There are 26 individual spots in the video above, and I dare you not to watch all of them once you’ve started. They’re that good—amusing little 15-second tales with amazing production design and and wry dialogue (voiced by locals), much of it involving the animals being a little camera shy.

The campaign comes from agencies Bear Meets Eagle on Fire and +61, along with director Jeff Low and animation director Tobias Fouracre, who worked on Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs.”

The films clearly owe a debt to Aardman’s “Creature Comforts” short from 1990. But the concept works brilliantly in promoting the network’s strength in remote spots—and thus, its strength everywhere. The off-the-grid spots will surely love the shout-outs, too.

“Network claims from telcos are usually rational and not entertaining. We wanted to do the opposite,” Brent Smart, chief marketing officer at Telstra—Australia’s largest telco, told Ad Age. “Key to that was not boasting about how big and great our network is, but saying exactly that with humility and humor.”

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