Molly Ringwald is a home-shopping host in Avocados from Mexico's Super Bowl ad

A fictitious shopping channel features items for people who love the fruit

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Jan 30, 2020

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Avocados From Mexico created a fictitious shopping network for its latest Super Bowl spot, featuring an avocado as the star, with the help of Molly Ringwald and others.

The 30-second spot takes place on the set of the Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network, “where buying stuff for your avocados totally isn’t weird,” the host suggests. 

The Energy BBDO spot features quick snippets about avocado-themed products. The items include a carrier to hold an avocado, like a baby carrier; an avocado-sized pool float shaped like a tortilla chip; matching avocado green track suits and suitcases for Ringwald and her avocado; and a helmet for an avocado out for a ride. Toward the end of spoof, the host suggests those who shop now will also receive Ringwald herself.

A 60-second extended cut running online includes a music box that plays the “Avocados From Mexico” jingle, with a spinning bowl of chips and guacamole in place of a ballerina, as well as an avocado-sized yurt. 


The 30-second spot is set to air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. It is the produce marketer's sixth consecutive Super Bowl ad, and its second from Energy BBDO.