During one of the most competitive, most saturated, most expensive times of the year in advertising, Avocados From Mexico gave us one goal: Win the game on social

Published On
Jul 26, 2022


We used Avocados From Mexico's tagline "Always Good" as inspiration to flip the script on social media trolling.

Spend five minutes on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook especially, and it's obvious. Social media can be a negative place. And that negativity can ramp up around hotly contested events like the Super Bowl. As we saw again this year, there were posts and comments galore about quarterback mistakes, coaching decisions, and defensive lapses on the field. Clearly, the (social media) world could use some goodness.

In the spirit of being "Always Good," we brought relentless goodness to the conversation. How? By interacting with other brands on Twitter throughout the game with a level of thoughtfulness and speed never seen before in Super Bowl history.

Knowing how quickly these ads run in real-time, we had to hack the system. Thankfully, brands release their Super Bowl spots days before the game. So, our team watched ALL of the pre-released spots in advance to develop a set of avocado-themed responses to each brand's spot.

No story is complete without some drama, right? What are the chances that, after all this planning, the United States would actually SUSPEND AVOCADO IMPORTS FROM MEXICO THE DAY OF THE SUPER BOWL??? Yep, you read that right. Were we really going to let that stop us from bringing the goodness? No way. So, as they say, the tweets must go on ;)

After Coinbase's QR code spot, we tweeted @coinbase a bouncing avocado. Once Pringles aired "Stuck In," we tweeted @pringles an avocado-themed spin on their spot. This went on all night and the Twitterverse was officially shook.

Despite being heavily outspent, this savvy approach led Avocados From Mexico to be crowned one of the most talked about brands around the Super Bowl, reaching David-esque heights amidst Goliaths like Meta and Pepsi. Our digital efforts achieved 4.8 Billion media impressions and a remarkable

ONE.HUNDRED.PERCENT.POSITIVE.SENTIMENT. How's that for bringing goodness?