Bankers become the thieves in new campaign from Axos

Cutwater turns the age-old robbery scene on its head for the online banking company

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Mar 05, 2019

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Everyone who’s ever stood in line at a bank, waiting forever just to hand over cash that won’t be available for three to five business days, has thought about robbing the place. But these days, the real crook is more likely to be behind the bulletproof glass. The big banks did crash the economy and steal a bunch of houses, after all.

A new campaign for internet-only Axos Bank imagines these greedy bankers committing the crimes with their own hands, rather than legal loopholes. In a hero spot from Cutwater, directed by Craig Brownrigg via Hungry Man, tellers don ski masks and demand customers hand over the valuables they were about to deposit. The inept thieves make a plodding getaway with their ill-gotten goods, before circling back around the branch to stick the money in the bank’s coffers.


The customers know something’s wrong, but they’re too bewildered to do anything about it. Additional spots feature a robbery victim describing a familiar perp to a sketch artist, and a teller-turned-robber who’s become so used to the routine that it’s just another day at the office.


In addition to the spots, “Wanted” posters of bankers will be distributed on social platforms, along with native ad placements featuring security camera footage of “robberies” and a spoof news story. The campaign is launching initially in San Diego, Orange County, Austin, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Kansas City.


Mar 05, 2019
Agency :
Executive Integrated Producer :
Michael Huntley
Account Supervisor :
John Gilchrist
Copywriter :
Andrew Singleton
Chief Creative Officer :
Chuck McBride
Art Director :
Sean Flores
Production Company :
Hungry Man
Director :
Craig Brownrigg
Managing Partner/Executive Producer :
Kevin Byrne
Executive Producer/Partner :
Mino Jarjoura
Executive Producer/Director of Sales :
Dan Duffy
Executive Producer :
Caleb Dewart
Executive Producer :
Jacki Sextro
Producer :
Josh Rothfeld
Production Supervisor :
Carol Fahey
President, Principal :
Christian Hughes
Copywriter :
Andrew Singleton
Media Director :
Pip Bingemann
Digital Media Manager :
Drew Prescott
Media Coordinator :
Mackenzie Dowling

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