Simon Cowell puts on a polar talent show in this Barclaycard spot

However, environmentalists aren't impressed with the the Antarctica-set ad

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May 02, 2019

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Simon Cowell stars in Barclaycard's latest U.K. ad out of Droga5 London, and in it he imagines himself putting on a talent show in the Antarctic.

The ad promotes the brand's online Repayment Calculator, and to explain how it's so good for consumers it makes "no business sense," Cowell explains that it would be like him putting on a talent show in Antarctica, a "virtually uninhabitable ice-covered land mass." We then see the scene of him sitting in a frozen wasteland judging a show featuring an ice-block of a dog. He ends by exhorting viewers to use the feature, seeing as Barclaycard made it anyway. 

However, setting the spot in Antarctica has been criticized by environmentalists including Greenpeace, according to the Mirror . Charlie Kronick, oil campaigner at Greenpeace U.K., told the newspaper: “Science tells us that the polar regions are the frontline of climate change. Apparently Barclays, the worst bank in Europe for funding fossil fuels, are so massively unaware that they're actually choosing to draw attention to Antarctica, a continent so profoundly impacted by their own activities."