Ben & Jerry's decries white supremacy

Brand releases statement on Instagram addressing current unrest

Published On
Jun 04, 2020

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Ben & Jerry’s bluntly addressed racial injustice this week, outlining four things it wants to see happen, including calling on President Trump and other elected officials to lead the nation’s healing. “Instead of calling for the use of aggressive tactics on protestors, the president must take the first step by disavowing white supremacists and nationalist groups that overtly support him, and by not using his Twitter feed to promote and normalize their ideas and agendas,” the brand posted. “The world is watching America’s response.”

Ben & Jerry’s has spoken out numerous times about Black Lives Matter since issuing a statement in 2016 that garnered criticism and praise. “We call ourselves a social justice company that happens to make ice cream,” Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry’s head of global activism strategy, told Ad Age earlier this year.