A Customized Lynx Spray Can Spouts Lyrics From British Rapper Big Shaq

72andSunny Created It After He Mentioned the Brand in a Lyric

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Mar 14, 2018

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When British comedy rapper Michael Deepah ("Big Shaq") called out the Lynx (Axe) deodorant brand in a lyric last year on his debut single "Mans Not Hot," the brand found it an opportunity too good to miss.

The brand's European ad agency, 72andSunny Amsterdam, created a special customized spray can for the rapper, which spouts one of his catchphrases every time you spray it. The 3D printed final prototype was delivered to Big Shaq this week and he took to social media yesterday (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to show it off.

The video has thus far had 1.7 million views across platforms and fans have been asking for further products, to which the agency responds: "We're excited about where this will take us."