Two top 'Game of Thrones' stars have resurfaced in this curious spot

Kit Harington and Tobias Menzies star in quirky film for French production company Birth

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Jul 01, 2020

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Opening an office in the middle of a pandemic is a tough gig (and even more so when there's so much other stuff going on in the world, like Facebook boycotts.)

But French company Birth has found an unusual way to create a buzz around the announcement of its new London office this week; it's persuaded two "Game of Thrones" actors to star in a launch film. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully in "GoT," and also Prince Philip in series three of "The Crown") appear in the quirky short video, in which Menzies can't seem to get his head around the name "Birth U.K." or that it's a French company. Maybe one upside of the pandemic is that such stars are available for work—and they do a sterling job.

The film was created by executive producer Maëva Demurger and director Leo Bill. It came about thanks to a friendship they developed with Menzies working on another project. "As Leo and I developed the idea, we then thought it would be good to have somebody else for Tobias to play off. A crazy notion came to mind: what if we could get Kit Harington? Amazingly, we managed to get in touch, told him about the concept, and to our delight, he loved the idea and was more than happy to come on board,” explains Demurger, who will run the new London office.

"When looking at what’s classically British, a few things jumped out at me: self-deprecation, dryness, class and elegance," she adds. "With this idea in mind, I thought there was something humorous in a French company using these qualities."

"I wanted primarily to put Birth U.K. out there in a memorable way that sticks and, most importantly, in a way that stands out above the rest in a field that is already filled with creative ideas."

Birth was founded by Hugo Legrand-Nathan in 2013 and now represents more than 40 producers, directors and photographers, with other offices in Paris and Algiers. The company has worked with Hermès, Adidas, KFC and Armani and counts Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball") as part of its roster. 




Jul 01, 2020
Client :
Director :
Leo Bill
Executive Producer :
Maeva Demurger
CEO & Partner :
Hugo Legrand-Nathan
CEO & Partner :
Arthur Emorine
CEO & Partner :
Tristan Béraud
CEO & Partner :
Yohan Ungar
CEO & Partner :
Yacine Medkour
Murren Tullett
Focus Puller :
Alex Parkinson
Sound Recordist :
Ed Spear
Hair & Make-Up :
Charlotte Yeomans
Editing :
Dan Hearn
Post Production :
Make Films

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