This 'Christmas pizza' covered in turkey and gravy comes in a carol-singing box

Canadian chain Boston Pizza enlists a choir for a new earworm

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Nov 22, 2019

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There’s almost no wrong time to eat pizza. It’s a perfect dinner option, great for a quick lunch and hits the spot as a cold breakfast.

But the incongruently-named Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza is turning their pies into proper fare for the holidays. A new Christmas pizza features turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy. Also cheese, because it’s a pizza.

To get the word out, agency John St. enlisted pizza-crazed carolers. The seven-member choir sings an ingredient list and explains the obvious—that it’s a turkey dinner on a pizza—all to the tune of “Carol of the Bells.”

If that earworm isn’t enough, select customers are also receiving their pizza in a musical pizza box that plays the song when the box is opened.


There’s even a Spotify track, for those who can’t get their hands on the box. John St. has a history of embellishing Boston Pizza boxes, turning the little plastic pizza saver into patio furniture and making a grease-stained Ouija board.


Nov 22, 2019
Client :
Boston Pizza
Agency :
john st-Toronto
SVP Marketing :
Peter Blackwell
Sr Director of Marketing :
Adrian Fuoco
Sr Marketing Manager :
Niels van Oyen
Assistant Marketing Manager :
Gabrielle Herbert
Chief Creative Officer :
Angus Tucker
Executive Creative Director :
Paul Little
Copywriter :
Maddie Rosenberg
Art Director :
Ela Kallonen
Director of Strategic Planning :
Trevor Thomas
Strategist :
Daavi Wong Wolfson
Executive Producer :
Cas Binnington
Producer :
Clare Dietrich
Producer :
Erin Feldman
Team Lead :
Ryan O’Hagan
Account Director :
Caitlin Bourada
Account Executive :
Kelly Brennan
Account Coordinator :
Hailey Stummer
Director :
Matt Dilmore
Production Company :
Executive Producer :
Geoff Cornish
Executive Producer :
Sara Thomas
Line Producer :
Mike Masters
Casting :
Mann Casting
Editorial :
Jon Devries
Editorial :
School Editing
Color :
Clinton Homuth
Color :
Online :
Andrew Rolfe
Online :
Fort York VFX
Audio :
Roc Gagliese
Audio :
Adam Damelin
Audio :
Production :
Carolling Box Production
Box Production :
Gas Company
Photography Production :
Gas Company

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