Audio company Bowers & Wilkins created relaxing music to offset stress-inducing holiday songs

The brand consulted sound experts to help reduce stress at Christmas

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Dec 12, 2018

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If you're feeling frazzled in the run-up to the holidays, maybe it's all the annoying Christmas music you hear played over and over again.

According to audio brand Bowers & Wilkins, scientific reports show a connection between traditional Christmas songs and increased stress at this time of year. So, it consulted with sound experts to create a song for the holidays specifically with a calming effect. 

Its "Sound Spa" track is available both as an edited version and a longer “session” on Spotify and iTunes. And (of course) the brand recommends that "there is nowhere better than a car with a high-quality sound system" to listen to it. 

Swedish agency Stendahls worked on the project, collaborating with music producer and sound expert Marcus Bergqvist and composer Joel Danell in collaboration with stress scientist professor Tores Theorell. 


Dec 12, 2018
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Bowers & Wilkins
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