Burger King tackles voter apathy in Brazil with a 'Blank Whopper'

Campaign via David coincided with first round of presidential election

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Oct 02, 2018

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Voting is mandatory in Brazil but voter apathy still exists -- voters can simply cast a blank ballot.

To highlight the consequences of doing this, Burger King got political last week in a campaign by its agency David, designed to coincide with the first round of the presidential election. It handed out "blank" Whoppers to customers -- containing either no ingredients, or just some like mayo and onions, together with a message that this was a Whopper chosen by someone else. Some 30 burgers were handed out to customers in the Sao Paulo area, to people who had answered #IVoteBlank on Burger King's Facebook page.

The idea is to draw attention to what can happen if you let someone else decide for you, and have no say in what you want as a voter. “We wanted to show that casting a blank ballot is not as great as it sounds. Each and every one of us deserves their country their way– and an informed voting decision is the first step in that direction," says Rafael Donato, creative VP for David. 

Burger King stresses, however, that it does not support any particular candidate in the election -- in which, in the first round, far right candidate Jair Bolsonaro gained a 10-point lead over Workers Party candidate Fernando Haddad.