Burger King gets political in the run-up to U.K. election with a 'Whopper on the side of a bus'

Stunt by BBH refers to infamous Brexit referendum bus poster

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Dec 04, 2019

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Donald Trump may have said that he wouldn't get involved in the U.K. General Election while he's in London this week (although that's debatable). But another U.S. giant isn't afraid to get political as the U.K. heads for the polls next week: Burger King. 

A new outdoor campaign running on bus sides for the fast feeder by BBH states: "Another Whopper on the side of a bus. Must be an election."

It makes explicit reference to the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign, when the Boris Johnson-backed "Vote Leave" campaign famously ran bus posters claiming that leaving the EU would save 350 million pounds that could be spent on the NHS. The statistic has subsequently been proven to be untrue, although so far Johnson, now Prime Minister, has escaped being prosecuted for making the claim

The campaign, which is running on a bus passing through Westminster, is already making waves on Twitter, where it's been retweeted by the likes of political comedian Jonathan Pie. 

The idea for the stunt came from BBH creative team Stu Royall and Phil Holbrook. "This is how advertising is meant to work," said BBH Chief Creative Officer Ian Heartfield in a statement. "Phil & Stu came up with a killer idea, a brave client didn’t hesitate to approve it, we got it made and out onto the streets in next to no time, the nation started talking about it. Job done."



Dec 04, 2019
Client :
Burger King
Agency :
Burger King Marketing Director :
Katie Evans
Burger King Head of Brand & Communication :
Soco Nunez
Burger King Brand Manager :
Suzi Hoy
BBH Creative Team :
Stuart Royall
BBH Creative Team :
Phil Holbrook
BBH Designer :
Christian Tunstall
BBH Chief Creative Officer :
Ian Heartfield
BBH Head of Strategy :
Ben Shaw
BBH Strategy Director :
Saskia Jones
BBH Account Manager :
Laura Huber
BBH Account Director :
David White
BBH Producer :
Beth Mechem
Photographer :
Dan Matthews
PR Agency :
Frank PR
Client :
Burger King (UK)

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