Burger King mascot swaps his cape for a Pride flag for Helsinki pride campaign

The out-of-home ads come from Bob the Robot

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Jun 29, 2023
The Burger King mascot wearing a Pride flag cape.

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Burger King Finland is showing its support for LGBTQ+ consumers this year by wrapping the Burger King mascot in a Pride flag cape.

The national advertising campaign will take place over Pride week, featuring out-of-home ads around the country. Burger King Finland is a partner of Helsinki Pride, Finland’s largest LGBTQ+ rights and cultural festival.

The creative agency Bob the Robot is behind the campaign.

"We aimed to create a campaign that celebrates diversity and encourages acceptance. By dressing the Burger King mascot in a cape adorned with the Pride flag, we wanted to capture the spirit of Pride Week and promote inclusivity and equality”, explains Toni Tiusanen, creative director from Bob the Robot. 

This isn’t Burger King Finland’s first Pride campaign. In 2020, the brand unveiled an ad featuring the King kissing Ronald McDonald by the artist Ossi Hiekkala. The tagline was “Love conquers all.” Hiekkala also did this year’s illustration.