Burger King makes kids do math for free Whoppers

Fast feeder gives stuck-at-home students daily schoolwork problems to score burgers (with purchase)

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Apr 13, 2020

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Burger King is giving students stuck studying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic a new reason to do their math, science and literature homework: free Whoppers.

The Home of the Whopper’s (or rather the Stay Home of the Whopper's) latest giveaway gimmick asks diners to download its app, if they haven’t already, and solve questions in subjects such as math, biology, chemistry or literature. Once a student enters the correct answer, they can use the app to score a Whopper with any purchase at the restaurant.

The campaign, from Buzzman, comes as Burger King and other U.S. restaurants try to entice diners, who have been visiting much less often as they stay home due to the pandemic. Schools and universities across the country have moved to at-home learning, with some states already saying they have no plans to resume in-person classes for the 2019-20 academic year.

The push comes days after Burger King began promoting free delivery and support for the American Nurses Foundation in a campaign from FCB New York that focused on people staying on their couches and ordering in to keep others safe.

BK says it plans to run the new student-focused effort through April 20 or when it has awarded 150,000 coupons, whichever comes first. A new question is being presented each day on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages and on the app.    

It kicked off Monday with a math problem.

For those who don't see the connection between studying subjects like science and burger advertising, remember: Burger King Global Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado was a mechanical engineer before he moved over to marketing.