Burger King is using a video game to bring fame to a little-known British soccer club

The 'Stevenage Challenge' targets FIFA 20 players with offers of free food

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Oct 17, 2019

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Earlier this year, Burger King announced it was sponsoring Stevenage, a tiny, little-known soccer club in England (it's part of League Two, the fourth and lowest division of the English Football League). But while Stevenage, a postwar-constructed "new" town just north of London, isn't exactly a big time player in U.K. soccer, BK has been making the most out of its sponsorship deal.

For one, it created a kit that looks (according to The Sun) like it has had "ketchup and mustard chucked at it," and now, it's attempting to make the club world-famous through an unusual route: a video game. 

In a campaign via David, the fast feeder has launched the Stevenage Challenge, which invites gamers to compete in a series of challenges in FIFA 2020 in order to win free food. The idea is that people can play for Stevenage FC in the game, or bring their favorite players and big shots to play for the team in order to accomplish the challenges. As BK sponsors the team in real life, whomever gamers choose to play for Stevenage FC will appear wearing the jersey with BK logo. If this works, look out for high-profile football stars to be wearing Stevenage FC kit online soon. 

Fans simply have to share share footage on Twitter of their challenges, and in return, they’ll get a free menu item delivered via Uber Eats, while supplies last. The challenge will run till Oct. 23.