Burger King took a customer on an insane ride to show him what flame grilling is all about

Fast feeder made good use of Norway's annual enormous bonfire festival

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Jul 10, 2019

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Each year, Norwegians celebrate the arrival of midsummer by creating an enormous bonfire, called Slinningsbålet, the world’s largest celebratory blaze that takes dozens of people to create and has, in the past, climbed to 155.5 feet.

This year, Burger King took advantage of the fete to school one unknowing customer about how it prepares its burgers. A new video shows a man stepping into a Burger King in Alesund, Norway and ordering a Whopper. The overeager staffer at the register asks him if he knows how Whoppers are cooked, but the customer just shrugs his shoulders. Bingo!

She then ushers the patron out the door and into a helicopter, and proceeds to take him on a wild ride over the Slinningsbålet (this year, it hit 125 feet). Suspended from the vehicle was a giant grill, which carried, presumably, the man’s uncooked Whopper. After the copter lands, the BK staffer presents him his freshly flame-grilled order. 

Burger King is known to go out of its way to make good on its flame-grilled promise. Earlier this year, it created mini flame grills for residents of a Turkish town with no Burger King restaurant. 


Jul 10, 2019
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Burger King (Norway)
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New Work
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Kristine Alsaker
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Abel Aga
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Felicia Constant
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