Models clutch their stomachs with IBS pains in Buscopan's London Fashion Week ads

'Fashion Cramps' campaign by MRM Spain uses editorial-styled fashion imagery

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Feb 22, 2023
Man in green suit clutching his stomach.

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Stomach cramps are not something you'd typically associate with designer clothing, but Sanofi-owned pharma brand Buscopan is using London Fashion Week as a sneaky way to draw attention to the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

A campaign by MRM Spain uses editorial-style fashion spreads showing models clutching their stomachs in catwalk-style poses, captured by high fashion photographers from Q&Cumber.

The copy playfully draws attention to the discomfort experienced by those with IBS symptoms, in the style of fashion magazine editorial. For example, as per the image above: "Zack accents his Giorgio Vasalli suit with a white gold pendant by Fontinho. This look is incomplete without his poignant stomachache brought to you by the 5th attempt at passing his driving test and his on-going IBS."

Another reads: "Hanna’s Pierre Luné mini dress and Wauter purse feel comfortable enough to celebrate a goal, but this time she isn’t in the mood. Her usual IBS has appeared, and it finishes this look with its signature, subtle, yet aggressive cramps that ungracefully wrap around her stomach, this, in collaboration with a never-ending home renovation. She’s aware this discomfort could start to be eased in about 15 minutes, once she’s able to get some Buscopan IBS Relief right after this session. Luckily, Hanna grabbed some tablets from the cabinet of her half-finished bathroom."

Woman in green suit clutching her stomach.

A further execution, below, continues: "The Polti fringed jacket on Veronika is a smart add-on to her ribbed Derek Altman top. The Maison Dugarry leggings bring a hint of confidence to make this a well-rounded look. The infamous stomach bloating she’s going through is a statement piece made by no other than her IBS, and the fact that today she will be introducing Lena, her fiancé, to her family."

Woman in green suit clutching her stomach.


In addition to targeted ads that will reach users via social media during London Fashion Week, “Fashion Cramps” will run across magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and ES Magazine, along with digital out-of-home at key London fashion retail sites such as Oxford Street.   

“Healthcare marketing doesn’t always need to look like healthcare marketing," said MRM Spain chief creative officer Félix del Valle, in a statement. "London Fashion Week was the perfect moment for “Fashion Cramps,” due to the intertwined relationships that exist between models during this high-stress event, and the stress-induced symptoms of those suffering from the abdominal issues that Buscopan seeks to alleviate.”   

“We hope that this campaign will help steer us to our larger goal of affirming Buscopan as an innovative category leader, where we have a space to play a meaningful role in people’s lives – extending the boundaries, possibilities and relevance as a healthcare brand,” stated Isabel Robaina, Sanofi's global sub-category lead digestive wellness, abdominal cramps, consumer healthcare. 



Feb 22, 2023
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MRM Partners
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Alejandro Pere
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Sergio Garcia
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Belén Bardón
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Pablo Camarero
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