A Cadbury Dairy Milk bar breaks the sad routine of an elderly man's solitary life

Spot from VCCP is part of a campaign designed to combat loneliness among seniors

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Sep 10, 2019

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The latest campaign from Cadbury's Dairy Milk illustrates how neighborly kindness can touch the life of an older person, coming at time when loneliness among seniors is an increasingly topical issue.

A new TV spot by VCCP depicts an older man living alone and devoted to his garden. Throughout the year, the neighboring kids constantly throw balls, paper airplanes and toys over the fence. One by one, he returns them, a little bit grumpily at times, but his wistful looks at the kids as they play outside at Halloween tell a different story. One day, a bar of Dairy Milk comes flying over the fence, but just as the man prepares to toss it back, the kids pop up and tell him that this time, he doesn't have to return it. The film was directed by Academy's Frederic Planchon, who exquisitely captured the man's solitary existence over the changing seasons.

The spot continues the Mondelez-owned brand's campaign with the tagline "There's a glass and a half in every one," which kicked off last year with a spot, also directed by Planchon, featuring a little girl who wants to buy her mom a birthday present. 

Alongside the TV ad, there's another element: Cadbury teamed up with charity Age U.K. to "donate their words" to help combat loneliness among seniors. A limited-edition bar with the words "Cadbury Dairy Milk" removed will be sold in supermarkets, with 30 pence from each bar going to Age UK. A social media campaign will also encourage people to get involved too, by working with Age U.K. or committing small acts of kindness such as checking on an elderly neighbor.