TV Spoilers Give People Amazing Powers in a Campaign for Orange

You Can Do What You Like If You Know the Latest 'Walking Dead' Twist

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Oct 10, 2017

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What gives people the ultimate power over others in this day and age? It might not be strength, nor even money. According to a new French campaign for Orange, it's TV spoilers.

The telecom brand is promoting its Orange TV fiber broadband package with a series of new spots in which a group of somewhat renegade female friends are able to get away with seemingly whatever they like, just by threatening to reveal the latest plot twist in "The Walking Dead" or similar to those who haven't seen it yet.

That includes making a mess of a cake shop (as seen here), kicking a bunch of men out of a meeting room and forcing a DJ to put on the music they want to hear in a nightclub.

Martin Kalina of Big directed, for Publicis Conseil.


Oct 10, 2017
Agency :
Publicis Conseil
Brand :
Client :
Announcer :
Director, Communications :
Gaëlle Le Vu
Commercial Communication and Creative Director :
Quentin Delobelle
Creative Director :
Annabel Salesa
Production :
Laurence Poucan
Executive Creative Director :
Fabrice Delacourt
Executive Creative Director :
Olivier Desmettre
Account Manager :
Marie Wallet
Account Manager :
Anne Dauvé
Account Manager :
Emilie Jeanneau
Account Manager :
Sherelle Ramire
Strategic Planner :
Damien Sabatier
Production :
Copywriter :
Marc Rosier
Art Director :
Jean-Marc Tramoni
AD Assistant :
Lucie Puybonnieux
Film Production :
TV Production :
Pierre Marcus
TV Production :
Benjamin Auberdiac
Post Production :
Pierre-Arthur Goulet
Production Company :
Producer :
Raphaël Carassic
Line Producer :
Nicolas Avram
Director :
Martin Kalina
Director, Photography :
Christophe Beaucarne
Editing :
Delphine Genest
Color Grading :
Didier Lefouest
Sound Production :
Sound Production :
Joël Tessonneau

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