Follow a burning fireball of a creative idea in this blockbuster ad from Canal+

Film by BETC goes inside a screenwriter's head to promote the French broadcaster's original series, including spy drama 'The Bureau'

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Oct 18, 2018

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French broadcaster Canal+ pays tribute to its screenwriting talent in a blockbuster spot that takes you inside the head of one of its writers.

Directed by Ivan Grbovic for BETC Paris, and set to a Russian military soundtrack, the spot centers on a burning fireball of a creative idea that sucks characters, objects, vehicles and even landscapes into its sphere as it streaks across the sky. At the end we see that the bizarre melange is all coming from inside the head of a young writer at his desk. 

Amongst other series such as "Versailles" and "The Young Pope," the spot promotes the new series of French spy drama "The Bureau," starring Mathieu Kassovitz, and fans of the series will see references to the series throughout (including passports flying off a table and a billboard for fictional resort called the Malotru Islands).

Stéphane Xiberras, BETC Paris chief creative officer and president, creative directed the spot and says : “People who watch our ads for Canal+ often ask me: 'talking bears, unicorn balls, 80-year old Spitfire pilots.. Where do you get it all from?' The answer is 'from inside our heads' and that’s the whole theme of this film, to show the process of how an idea is born, the mysterious ways in which our minds associate one bizarre element to another. I was really excited about the visual challenge of the script, how to show the inside of a brain, while avoiding the usual clichés. I have actually learnt that it takes a lot of imagination in order to illustrate the imagination.”