Champion celebrates how its blank hoodies and tees became a canvas for streetwear brands

‘The No Permission Collection’ looks at how brands such as Supreme and A Bathing Ape got their start

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May 21, 2024

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“Creativity doesn’t need permission,” asserts a new brand film for Champion, created by 72andSunny. In fact, many renowned streetwear designers got their start using Champion blank sweatshirts and tees as a blank canvas.

In an artful film launched Tuesday (May 21), Champion demonstrates how the brand has served as a jumping-off point for iconic designs and brands, including Pyrex, A Bathing Ape and more. Despite designing their ideas on a different brand’s merchandise, the campaign celebrates this fact, and discusses how a defiant spirit, unbound by rules, is at the core of streetwear. The film then highlights the stories of new designers who continue to make their mark using Champion blanks and ends with an invitation for creators to continue to “make their marks” using Champion. 

In addition to the film, Champion and 72andSunny hosted an event to celebrate past designs on May 7 at the Brooklyn Museum, featuring early Supreme, Kith, Pyrex and Bape designs on Champion blanks, as well as pieces designed by emerging creators. 


“No Permission” included designs from Qaysean Williams, Kate Weinberg, Justin Mensinger, Cheatin Snakes and Anna Molinari. Champion also hosted a social media scavenger hunt with pieces from “The No Permission Collection,” where early designs by streetwear brands were hidden in cities across the country and local influencers shared clues to their location. 



The campaign distinctly celebrates the emergence of other, perhaps even competing brands using its own merchandise. Rather than fight the use of its clothing, Champion doubles down on it. It’s a refreshing take on what might otherwise be treated as trademark infringement, and cleverly marks Champion’s territory as the founding brand of other great ideas. 

Champion is also continuing its Creator’s Program, inviting creators to apply for funding and product blanks for their designs. Applications open in June. 

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May 21, 2024
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