'U Can't Touch This' with cheese dust fingers in Cheetos' Super Bowl spot

MC Hammer pops up everywhere narrating the life of a guy with ‘Cheetle’ all over his hands

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Jan 28, 2020

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Cheetos is back in the Super Bowl with a spot featuring MC Hammer showing all the things people can’t touch with its signature dust on their fingers. 

The premise of the spot, which features the new Cheetos Popcorn, is simple. Once you eat Cheetos, you’re left with that orange and red dust on your fingers, which the brand now calls Cheetle. Whatever it’s called, when it’s on your hand, you really can’t touch anything. That’s where MC Hammer comes in, with his 30-year-old hit "U Can't Touch This."

In the spot a guy eating Cheetos Popcorn gets out of dealing with a stack of files at work since, well, he can't touch them. Soon, he can be found everywhere clutching a bag of the new snack, skipping out on situations such as hauling a couch and holding a unique baby. He also isn’t able to catch his boss during a trust fall. 

The Cheetos spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners was directed by Harold Einstein. It is set to air during the first quarter. It is the first commercial in Cheetos’ “It’s a Cheetos Thing” marketing campaign, and is the brand’s first Super Bowl ad since 2009.  

Cheetos also released a slightly longer version of the spot. 


Cheetos had previously announced MC Hammer's appearance in the Super Bowl spot. It released its first teaser on Jan. 16, followed by a second teaser released a week later.