'Chucky' beer partnership puts the boo in brew

Elysian Brewing debuts a custom beer ahead of the horror series' season two premiere

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Sep 21, 2022

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For most of the year, the pitter patter of little shoes might be the charming soundscape of a back-to-school or baby’s-first-Christmas ad. But at the onset of spooky season, those shoes might belong to an anthropomorphized doll containing the soul of a deceased serial killer—as is the case in a new partnership between Elysian Brewing and “Chucky” ahead of the Syfy and USA Networks series’ season two premiere.

A campaign spot, crafted like a campy horror B-movie, shows the iconic villain’s infiltration of the Seattle-based brand’s brewery. While going about typical beer-making duties, one Elysian employee finds himself immersed in a deadly chase after the building’s power is cut and the silhouette of a knife-wielding Chucky can be seen dashing in and out of frame. While investigating, the brewer finds the ingredients of an autumnal beverage have been ransacked—slashed bags of grain, a spilled vat of ominously colored cranberry and the gutted viscera of a pumpkin. 

Just as the terrorized worker is about to seize the red-haired doll, it dives into a brew tank. The next day, an inspector curiously examines a red label on the tank. He takes a sip, but the sinister results are left up to the viewer’s imagination as a jump-scare slash transitions to Elysian’s newest product—Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer.

“Seeing Chucky’s iconic, freckled face on our cans feels like a match made in… ah… hell,” said Joe Bisacca, co-founder of Elysian Brewing, in a statement. “This release is exactly what makes brewing pumpkin beers interesting. You can iterate with so many styles using the same common gourd ingredient ... Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is super drinkable and light, we think that it’ll be enjoyed by a wide variety of palates. From the blood-red cranberry to the cinnamon notes, this limited-edition wit encapsulates many of the fall flavors our drinkers love.”

The limited-edition beer is available now in select U.S. bars and retailers, which can be located using Elysian’s beer finder site. Retail stores will also feature signage with a QR code featuring an augmented reality “Chucky” experience.

Season two of “Chucky” premieres on October 5th at 9pm Eastern.