Cadbury's offbeat Twirl ads inject some mystique into the chocolate bar

Spots by VCCP feature the musings of two teenagers in a grey seaside town

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Jul 16, 2018

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Cadbury attempts to inject some offbeat mystique into its Twirl chocolate brand in a new U.K. campaign that reminds us more of an indy teen film than the Cadbury brand's previous all-singing, all-dancing approach.

Two TV ads, directed by James Rouse of Outsider for agency VCCP, see a boy and a girl in a grey British seaside town having a low-key conversations about Cadbury's Twirl. In one ad, seen here, they're seated in a dilapidated shelter while the girl muses on the "weird" that the curls and twirls in the product and reckons it's because they're made by wizards.

In another spot, the girl (who definitely has an air of the Luna Lovegoods about her, for Harry Potter fans), wonders if the person who made crop circles is also responsible for the Twirl. The TV campaign will extend into social, digital and content across an 11 week campaign, with Cadbury saying fans will be "immersed" into the world of the two teens (whose names are Myles and Sarah.)

According to Cadbury, the new creative aims to bring in a new younger shopper (16-25) as well as retaining the core singles audience (25-44. for the Twirl brand. Richard Weisinger, senior brand manager for Cadbury Singles, says: "This year we are going in a new direction with our campaign for Cadbury Twirl. Our ambition is to encourage our fans to take some time out, let their mind wander and ponder those lifelong questions; like 'who makes crops circles?' or 'what makes a Twirl so twirly?' We want to get the nation talking about Cadbury Twirl and asking themselves who makes them?"

Agency VCCP won the Cadbury account a year ago, taking over from Fallon; its other work so far has included a campaign focusing on kindness for Dairy Milk. Darren Bailes, executive creative director, comments: "We are really proud of this work...the next step on our Cadbury journey. It's so unusual, so simple and so charming, all at once."


Jul 16, 2018

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