Comcast Xfinity invites you to partake in a live paranormal investigation of the creepy Winchester House

Brands kills off dead zones in the historical Victorian mansion for Twitter event

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Oct 16, 2018

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Tonight, Comcast Xfinity is inviting horror fans to participate in a live paranormal investigation of one of the country’s creepiest (and purportedly haunted) homes--the Winchester Mystery House.

The sprawling seven-story Victorian dwelling in San Jose, Calif. is the former abode of Sarah Winchester, the widow of a firearms magnate who supposedly instructed her, through a medium, to build a house to accommodate the spirits of those killed by his company’s rifles. She then embarked on a lifelong pursuit, creating a labyrinthine architectural curiosity, full of incongruous features like stairways that lead nowhere, doors that open into walls and closets without floors.

Such a structural beast no doubt means plenty of dead zones--of the wi-fi kind--so Comcast, along with agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, have gone in to bring the spooky place up to speed with a one-of-a-kind mesh network. The new connectivity will be powering the brand’s Halloween-themed event “Project Dead Zone,” in which a team of paranormal investigators will explore the house, at the bidding of an audience on Twitter.

The campaign aims to promote Comcast’s xFi Wireless Gateway network and newly-launched xFi Pods, which plug into any electrical outlet.

Participate in "Project Dead Zone" by visiting the @Xfinity Twitter page at 10 PM ET/7 PM ET tonight, Tuesday, October 16.

Comcast Xfinity, you might recall, isn’t a brand to shy from the scary. Last year ahead of Halloween, it debuted a disturbing short film that used a home security system to follow a frightening curse that takes over a neighborhood.