The Confession

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Jan 03, 2024


With a great brand like Abarth, comes great responsibility… to be creative… and to be irreverent. This commercial was inspired by something simple, yet effective… contrast. We open in a large church where we see a man sneakily enter a confession booth. A Priest is already waiting for him. The Priest pushes the man to share his ultimate secret and after a few tries he ultimately does… that he has converted to an electric Abarth. After seeing beautiful performance-oriented shots of the new Abarth 500e, we then get the icing on the creative cake. The Priest can’t help, but be tempted by the electric car’s awesomeness which leads him to ask… “is it fast?” to which the man responds, “super fast.” We then wrap up with the tag that states: the new Abarth 500e, it’s a sin not to have one. The irreverent spirit of the commercial proved that entertainment comes from giving culturally relevant characters the temptation of something they can’t have—in this case a Priest wanting a sinful car.

Abarth electrified Abarth logo on asphalt background  Abarth electric car in tunnel  Abarth electric car driving over bridge with Italian houses in background  Bird's eye view of rooftops and street  Man looking over shoulder while approaching a Romanesque building


Jan 03, 2024
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Migrante Content

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